Fine Reality for the Proper Neck Lift

The neck not only gives out, but also adds a few years to our passport age, as it ages faster than the face. The skin on the neck is thin and dry, without fatty interlayer, so it quickly loses moisture and stretches. If the neck muscles are weak, then by the age of 40 the skin can become flabby and wrinkled. To prevent this from happening, provide her with adequate care.

Let’s hit the neck! How to care for the decollete zone

Keep your back

Poor posture, a round back, a head lowered downwards – a straight path to the second chins and folds on the neck. Brigitte Bordeaux, whose business card was an elegant neck, even in old age, advised women to look at the stars more often. If this is not possible, you can do gymnastics for the neck, a pleasant additional bonus which will be a clear oval face. The Neck lift Miami services are there also.

Gymnastics for the neck

  • Turn your neck left and right, trying to look over your shoulder.
  • Tilt your head to the left and to the right, trying to touch the shoulder with your ear.
  • Imagine that you have a pencil in your mouth. Write them letters in the air.
  • Wrinkles instead of youth. 8 gross mistakes in facial care

Protect from the sun

On the beach you need to try to keep in the shade not only the face, but also the neck. Excess of the sun will hurt her.

Provide gentle care

The skin around the neck is as delicate as it is around the eyes. Therefore, you do not need to rub it with all your strength with a washcloth and soap. It is better to clean it with a sponge, using the same remedy as for the face. After cleansing, apply any fat cream – the dry skin of the neck will take it with gratitude. Off, wrinkles! Of what to prepare at home a mask for the face

Make masks

You can use ready-made compounds or home remedies. 1-2 times a week, apply to the cleansed neck skin heated olive oil. Then wrap the neck with a towel and wait 10-15 minutes.

Sleep on the right pillows

Contrary to the popular belief of the “ring of Venus” – circular wrinkles around the neck – do not arise because of sleep on high cushions. They are due to a genetic predisposition: if they have your mother, then most likely, eventually you will appear and you. However, it is really better to sleep on low and rather rigid pillows (or on rollers), which support the neck.

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