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This guide is a step by step guide for the traveler, it is only informative and may contain gaps, inaccuracies and omissions. Everyone has to do their own research.

Friends (future) travelers,

Welcome to this shipping guide for your vehicle by sea. You have explored all the trails of the company, worn your tires on the asphalt from Paris to Marseille, and you would like to move up a gear, ship your vehicle to the end of the world? This little guide is a help to make your dream come true: meet up in Australia with your camper van. The free load board are perfect.

Choosing a shipping method

There are 3 methods to send a shipping vehicle abroad that does not fit in a container. The two main ones are Roll-on / Roll-off (RoRo), flat rack and the third is break bulk cargo.

Roll-on / Roll-off is the safest shipping method, according to our experience. Your vehicle is driven aboard and lowered into the holds of the transport vessel by ramps. Anyway, it is necessary here to emit a very big reserve. The vehicle to roll to be out of the hold. If it does not start at the port of destination, it may happen that it is simply towed by a Fenwick, the risk of permanently damaging the mechanics.

  • You are not allowed to ship personal items in your camper using this method, but the spare wheel and factory-fitted accessories are allowed. You can ship personal belongings inside, but at your own risk as they are not covered by the insurance of the ship. In RORO your truck is placed inside the car deck, chained by a series of chain and kept in a safe place.
  • The flat-rack, second method, is an open container. Your vehicle is placed on a support that can hold up to 40tand then loaded onto the transport ship, either by crane or by towing the platform, into the holds. This option has the disadvantage of being charged a fee for the flat-rack itself, which is rented to you in some way.
  • Be careful, these open containers have limits. What are the dimensions of a Flat-rack? The following specifications and dimensions vary the type and will have to be specified because no company has the same numbers! See note at the bottom of the page. There will be an additional cost for widths and heights if this method is chosen.

When choosing a flat-rack option, it is possible that your vehicle may be scratched or they may not fit into the holds due to the height, and place it on the deck. Your vehicle will be exposed to wind and salt water. There are places to protect it by “wrapping” in a tarpaulin or even plastic film used for pallets.