Choosing the Best RoomingIn College

The location and housing where a student will reside during their time in College or University is of great importance to their parents as well as to the students themselves. Having the peace of mind knowing that your child or loved one is in a safe location whiles travelling is critical to any responsible parent and/or student. There are different of accomplishing such an arrangement. There are rentals of complete apartments or small homes, rentals of condominiums or a loft or even logging on campus. These options can sometimes be a bit expensive and over the budget of a middle-income family. Most Landlords are very aware of this predicament and have therefore adopted different legitimate ways to provide rooms for student at an affordable price. High end Real Estate Investors such as Brad Roemer would probably not be interested in doing that type of business but it is very lucrative for Landlords and also beneficial for the general public. Though it is a very convenient arrangement for students there sometimes are drawback to bear in mind.


Within many student housing, Landlords usually rent the property to various individuals that do not necessarily know each other. This may leave one feeling uneasy knowing that a bunch of young adults are going to come together as strangers and live in one unit. Though the doors are locked, and all the belonging are usually kept safe it is a bit hard to digest the fact that a person unknown to you could be living next door. Most Landlords do perform a credit check and contact past Landlords or current supervisors at the work place to verify what type of individual they may be dealing with. It is very hard to get a good idea of the individual at hand through those means but it is definitely better than nothing.


When renting-by-the-room the Landlord typically gets all of the tenants (usually students) to sign a disclaimer towards any damages made to the property. Just to think that an apartment containing 4 bedrooms would usually cost about $1700 for a family but instead will cost about $425 per student. It is a win-win situation as the student will be very happy about the cost of his/her rental that includes bathroom, kitchen and living room access whiles the Landlord is content as he/she gets the unite rented out. Landlords in such a position generally do not have issues finding tenants, especially when located close to schools as the students would usually flock to their apartment seeking a place to stay whiles schooling. This tactic helps property owners to rent out their units rapidly and gives them the freedom of renting to whom every they please as they are not afraid of losing potential tenants since they know that many more would be on their way. Some Landlords even go as far as to rent out individual beds in a room! This occurs where students share rooms. It is not really recommended as you would be sharing your privacy as well as personal belonging with a perfect stranger, but some students opt for this to satisfy their budget.